Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Message in 'Children of Men' is Buried too Deep to Be Found

Children of Men never fails to receive huge accolades as one of the best science fiction movies ever made, and when those same writers explain it to me, I am persuaded. But that’s not how it works. There’s way too much misdirection in this film to give rise to the subtle messages it seeks. 
The women of the world have all become barren, and obviously the human race will come to end without a solution. So, as a human viewer, everything else is window dressing that comes in at a distant second.

My Top Five Favorite Movie/TV Serial Killers


Dexter obviously doesn’t have a conscience, and his adoptive father knows it. So in the absence of one, Dad constructs an artificial super ego that allows Dexter to subsist and serve as a positive force. What better way to utilize his violent, asocial behavior than going outside the law to eradicate fellow serial killers....

Donald Trump: Despicable and Deplorable


I’m gonna blow. We have this thing called social media that let’s you sound off whenever something rubs you the wrong way. Hello, Donald Trump. But the election taught me how impulsive posts only elevates anger, alienates without resolving anything and makes Facebook fertile ground for unfriending. So my responses have been to encourage people to get involved rather than seething with each unsettling factoid. But after seven months, I just have to vent.
Donald Trump is an absolute disgrace.

Ranking the Relative Evil of 'Pulp Fiction' Characters

Pulp Fiction isn’t necessarily strong on a central plot that ties the story together. It can almost be described as a movie about nothing — except with some serious degenerates. I prefer, a day in the life of a bunch of bad people, and after 23 years, I thought it’s time to rank the relative evil of these devilishly wonderful characters.

'Jackie Brown' Is So Down

Pam Grier takes on some serious legends in Jackie Brown. Samuel L. Jackson menaces, Robert De Niro boils over and Michael Keaton hems in on the legal end. Nonetheless, this fearless anti-heroine outmaneuvers the trio and shows who should have gotten the moniker of Wonder Woman in the 1970s. But let’s wait a minute. She has a long sordid association with known felons and dupes her way into half million dollars of blood induced, drug money. Should we really celebrate her? Hell yeah.
All of us hoping for Pulp Fiction II...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

If Only This was the Last Jedi

Hello everyone, I’m back, and it appears I’ll be shoveling over money to see Star Wars until I die. There you go for the definition of insanity. But believe it or not, seeing Star Wars is a crisis of conscience.
How come so many people love these re-fabrications? Is there something wrong with me? Is the Force dead?
Watching last night, I had to remind myself that I have no problem with JJ’s Star Trek. So what is going wrong? It should be obvious.

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